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Mystery Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Mystery Blogger Award by Karen at The Mommy Lady! Karen is one of my best blogging buddies and I am honored that she thought of me for this nomination! Be sure to check out her awesome blog, and read her Mystery Blogger Award post! This award was created by Okoto… Continue reading Mystery Blogger Award

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5 Ways to Unplug Daily (Without Missing Anything)

There is a lot of press lately about taking mental health breaks from your mobile device. Finally. People are starting to realize that you need to get that phone out of your hand every once in a while and interact with the world. This is key in keeping a good balance of mental health. I… Continue reading 5 Ways to Unplug Daily (Without Missing Anything)

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Public Service Announcement: An Open Letter to My Wonderful Readers (that’s you)

It has come to my attention that the title of this blog may be a bit off-putting. People aren't sure what to make of it when they first read it apparently and I want to put this out there to set the record straight. I am in no way advising people to take up unhealthy… Continue reading Public Service Announcement: An Open Letter to My Wonderful Readers (that’s you)

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Easy Watercolor Tutorial

Watercolor art is all the rage right now. I am seeing it everywhere. Cards, stationary, blog headers. Everything seems to be watercolor. People are even getting watercolor work tattooed on their bodies. I want to take a moment to warn you, this is a step by step tutorial, with images, and detailed explanations of materials,… Continue reading Easy Watercolor Tutorial

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Blogger Spotlight: Christina’s Bookescapes

Hello everyone! To kick off December, I would like to introduce you to my Raffle winner! Support is the cornerstone of the blogging community. We rely on other bloggers to inspire us, help us along the way, and to pick us up when we are down. Christina's Book escapes is a great place to pop… Continue reading Blogger Spotlight: Christina’s Bookescapes