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5 Ways to Unplug Daily (Without Missing Anything)

There is a lot of press lately about taking mental health breaks from your mobile device. Finally. People are starting to realize that you need to get that phone out of your hand every once in a while and interact with the world.

This is key in keeping a good balance of mental health. I think for us bloggers, this is a real issue that most of us have a problem with.

We find ourselves sucked into Twitter. The job never ends. There is that new post to promote, comments and likes to address and respond to. Images to put together. Pins to create. Scheduling to keep up with. Brands to pitch to. The list goes on. Prime blogger time is also prime LIFE time and we find other parts of our lives slipping.

If you are like me, there are times when I can list more daily activities and accomplishments completed or achieved by my followers on a given day than I can things I have gotten done. Can you relate? I bet you can.

It is always advisable to take a longer break from time to time, but sometimes an hour or so is all you need, especially if you do it daily. Here is a list of easy ways to incorporate some unplugged time into your busy schedule any day of the week, without missing anything crucial.

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  1. Change your charging schedule. Most of us probably charge our phones at night while we sleep. If you are having trouble keeping your hands off your phone during the day and nothing is working, change that up. Make a rule that if your phone is charging, you are not using it. Plug it in somewhere out of the way, and forget about it. Start charging your phone in the evening before bed so you go to bed with a full battery and an unplugged phone. This will give you time with your family, without the distraction of the device. If you aren’t the type that uses a full battery every day, you can also swap this out so that your charging time is in the morning, allowing you to get daily tasks done before you venture into your online life. Find a schedule that works for you, but also ensures that your phone doesn’t die in the night, especially if you need it to wake up. 
  2. Unplug for meals. This works for family meals at home as well as group meals or drinks out on the town. Have everyone present put their devices in the center of the table for the duration of your meal or gathering, whoever reaches for their phone first pays the bill or does all the cleanup. If everyone successfully leaves their devices alone, split the bill or the chores evenly. 
  3. Do you have a laptop or desktop computer? Take social media apps off of your phone and only allow yourself to use those if you are sitting at your desk and are in work mode. You would be shocked at how much time you gain with this. It pretty much forces you to focus on your social media and engagement within a certain timeframe, and since you are at a desk in work mode, you are much more focused on the task at hand and less likely to fall down a social media rabbit hole and lose a chunk of your day. 
  4. Trying to teach your kids better mobile device habits? Initiate a challenge. Bet your kids you can go longer than them without picking up the phone. Specify a time frame, and reward parameters. Suggestions for rewards could be: ‘Loser does X chore every day for a week’ or, the winner gets to pick a place to eat out. This gets the whole family involved and also interacting with each other. It’s a win-win. 
  5. Establish ‘NO TECH’ areas in your home. Make rules as to where devices can go and where they cannot go. Good suggestions are the dining room, to keep family meals tech-free, or living room during the evening hours to encourage family activities without the distraction of social media. Does your husband disappear into the bathroom phone in hand only to emerge 45 mins later knowing the score to every sporting event from last week? Make your restroom a no phone zone. Whatever you feel would work best for your household. 

I hope you enjoyed this list and are inspired to get unplugged every now and then!

Thanks for reading!


10 thoughts on “5 Ways to Unplug Daily (Without Missing Anything)

    1. Awesome! I definately use them from time to time, though not as often as I should! Glad you found some that you think may work for you! Good Luck! Thanks for reading!


  1. Unplugging is so important nowadays. One can easily spend hours staring at a screen rather than spending time with family or just looking outside the window. I keep a journal and fill it every night before sleeping while my phone is in another room. Also, indulging in some funny and creative activities like adult coloring books or reading sessions with family in the evening helps to unwind and unplug. Thanks for sharing😊


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    1. Well, I can speak for myself at least when I say that there are times where I start going on Social media in the morning and before I know it, its dinner time and I have accomplished nothing around the house, or off my to do list. Not to mention the fact that with some of the drama, and overall stress that comes along with being in contact with such a vast number of people pretty much constantly, it is just good to take a moment for yourself, and practice some self care. In the blogging community one of the best things is all the support, and while I love to be supportive of my fellow bloggers, if you never unplug from that, you end up spending so much of your time focused on helping others, and virtually none on fortifying yourself to keep it up. Burn out is swift and sure that way. We all do better for each other if we make sure we have ourselves squared away.


  2. Excellent tips. It can certainly be hard to put down the [hone, especially with all those blog-related things to tackle, but it’s important to take that time away. My family has always had a ‘no toys at the table’ rule, which applies to anything from actual toys to our phones. Once dinner is done, then those things can be picked up. Chances are you won’t miss much in those few minutes you spend sitting eating.

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    1. Exactly right! It’s amazing what just that little time away from your electronics can do, and so important for quality family time as well! ❤ Thanks for reading!


  3. Love, love, love this. Deleting the apps from my phone and forcing myself to use a browser made a huge difference! Also – more privacy for me and less access to my info for social media giants.

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