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Public Service Announcement: An Open Letter to My Wonderful Readers (that’s you)

dear reader,

It has come to my attention that the title of this blog may be a bit off-putting. People aren’t sure what to make of it when they first read it apparently and I want to put this out there to set the record straight.

I am in no way advising people to take up unhealthy life habits. I do not advise drinking to excess. I am not drunk all the time. Quite the contrary.

I named myself and this blog after a picture I have in my head of a good natured, fun loving, sometimes martini-fueled traditional housewife that is plying her trade and sharing her wisdom in a modern day society.

I want to be the place you go when you are looking for a laugh, or a pick-me-up, or maybe just a good idea for supper tonight.

I talk about all the things here, because let’s face it. We are modern women, and we do all the things! We are amazing! We are multifaceted. WE ARE TALENTED! We cook, clean, and do it ourselves whether we have families and husbands or not, and we look good while doing it!

As I am writing this it also occurs to me to ask you what you like or don’t like about what you have been reading here thus far. Have you tried any recipes that didn’t work out for you? Is there content you loved more than the rest? Let me know! I want to hear your feedback and your input. We make each other better. I write this blog for you! I want to hear what you have to say! I want you to look me up and get to know me on social media! I want to be your friend.

All my love,



6 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement: An Open Letter to My Wonderful Readers (that’s you)

  1. Iā€™m certainly not put off by your blog name, it never occurred to me to take it literally. You already know I love your blog and I love you! Always enjoy your posts and getting to know you more. šŸ’–šŸ’–šŸ’–

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    1. Thank you hun! The feeling is mutual! I was actually kind of surprised myself but I have heard this a few times now, so I just thought I would put it out there. ā¤

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  2. Well I for one can say even when you have one or two, you still know your stuff. Love reading whatever you put out there. I hate to brag people but….I own some of her art work!!!

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