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A Thank You Raffle


Yesterday, I hit 1000 followers on Twitter.

When I set out on this blogging journey last month, I never thought I would have so many people interested in what I had to say. I am humbled and grateful for the new friendships, and support I have found in the blogging community.

Since this community is based so heavily on peer to peer support and readership, I wanted to do a little something to give back.

From now through November 25th, I am running a raffle. There are three ways to enter, and you may do one of these things once per day to add to your chances to win. The winner will have their blog or Twitter account (whichever they choose) along with a photo, and a short bio featured at the tippy top of the sidebar in this blog for The entire month of December.


To enter, simply follow the link at the end of this post, or click the image in the top sidebar advertisement, or visit my Twitter to see the pinned post there. On the 26th, a winner will be picked at random, and I will contact them to gather the information I need to create their advertisement, and it will appear on all pages of my blog from December 1st to December 31st of this year. I will also send them a short interview which I will be turning into a blog post to promote their blog and help them to gain more followers for their social media accounts.

Thank you all for your support!

PLEASE NOTE: This raffle is for bloggers only. Businesses and seller sites are not eligible. The sidebar advertisement cannot be used to promote a product or business. Reviewers and book bloggers ARE eligible as long as the space isn’t used to promote one specific product or service.

CLICK HERE to enter the raffle!

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