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My First Valentine Love Letter [Guest Post by Precious Udoh]

Hello, Lovelies! February is shaping up to be a very busy month for me with the closing of the house the day before Valentine's Day and the subsequent move. In the spirit of the month of love, and in celebration of my own love story which you can read about HERE, I didn't want to leave… Continue reading My First Valentine Love Letter [Guest Post by Precious Udoh]

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Blogger Spotlight: Gina Rae Mitchell

As many of you know, I recently held a raffle to celebrate 1000 twitter followers. The blogosphere is a diverse place, and in order to truly make your blog everything you want it to be, you need the support of your fellow blogger. I am blown away by the amount of support and by all… Continue reading Blogger Spotlight: Gina Rae Mitchell

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Blogger Spotlight: Christina’s Bookescapes

Hello everyone! To kick off December, I would like to introduce you to my Raffle winner! Support is the cornerstone of the blogging community. We rely on other bloggers to inspire us, help us along the way, and to pick us up when we are down. Christina's Book escapes is a great place to pop… Continue reading Blogger Spotlight: Christina’s Bookescapes