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50 Things That Make Me Happy

Fellow blogger Joan at My Best Friend Adeline has tagged me in this challenge to list 50 things that make me happy. I urge you to check out her post as well!

Happiness Is...

I think this is such a great way of focusing oneself to remember the little things that happen each day or that simply just exist that make us happier. It is so easy to forget when things are going downhill during the course of our hectic lives that taking one moment to simply observe a small thing in your immediate environment or to enjoy something small, can turn the day around.

Can you list 50 simple things that make you happy?

Here’s my list:

  1. Sunflowers
  2. Leaf buds on trees in Springtime
  3. Sunshowers
  4. The first snow of the year
  5. Squirrels
  6. Mimosas
  7. Campfires
  8. My Husband
  9. Sprouting plants pushing up out of the soil
  10. Smiles from random strangers
  11. Pizza
  12. Candles
  13. Amber colored light bulbs
  14. Fireplaces
  15. Full bookshelves
  16. Nag Champa
  17. Soft carpeting
  18. Wooden furniture
  19. Ladybugs
  20. Fireflies
  21. Tiki torches
  22. Children laughing
  23. Babies
  24. Rabbits
  25. Hugs
  26. The way new books smell
  27. Paintbrushes
  28. Fountains
  29. Throw pillows
  30. Fur blankets
  31. Blank stationery
  32. Bells
  33. Freshly washed hair
  34. Warm oversized sweaters
  35. Fuzzy onsies
  36. New socks
  37. Trees
  38. Fall leaves
  39. Orchids
  40. Hot coffee
  41. The smell of the earth after a heavy rain
  42. Morning Dew
  43. Fir trees
  44. Deer
  45. Antique trunks
  46. Pajamas
  47. Old maps
  48. Warm sun on my skin
  49. Turtles
  50. The ocean

I would love to know what makes you happy!

Here are my tags”

Karen                                      Natasha

Kathleen                                 Rachel

I can’t wait to read about the things that bring a smile to your face!

Till Next time!

Can you name





19 thoughts on “50 Things That Make Me Happy

    1. Thanks for the tag! This was the perfect way for me to get writing again after being away from the keyboard for a couple of days! Got my motor turning and put a smile on my face! Much needed exercise!


  1. Ah, pizza, ladybugs and blank stationery are all my idea of a little piece of heaven too!
    Great post – must have been quite a task to list all these. It really shows what a lot we can find to be grateful for and often it’s the most obvious things that can go unnoticed.
    Great to see lovely things brought into focus like this.
    Hanna | @

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I know it! I only let myself wash my hair a few times a week since it dries out so easily, and it’s so hard since I love it so much. Thank you so much for reading!


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