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How to Incorporate More Color Into Your Everyday Life


When you wake up in the morning, do you ever find yourself feeling as though your everyday routine is a bit lackluster? If we’re being honest with ourselves, sometimes life can feel a little grey, and not in a good way. One lessor known way to stop these feelings is to incorporate more color into your life! Believe it or not, color coordination matters and can help to increase your own positivity and happiness as you go about your day. Here are just a few examples of how you can incorporate more color into your own life.

rainbow window decorations-rainbow bedrooms-rainbow themed

  • Change up your décor

Those old brown throw pillows you stole from your parent’s house? Ditch them. Try opting for bold decor accent colors like yellow or even pink. Though yellow may not be your first choice when it comes to decorating your place, it symbolizes characteristics such as friendliness, creativity, and optimism, which are sure to bring good vibes to your space! A pink bath mat or some pale blush curtains will allow for physical tranquility and warmth, leaving you feeling peaceful as you get ready and maybe even inspiring you to take some much needed you time. Whatever choices you may make when it comes to your decor, don’t be afraid to incorporate colors you’ve never used before!

  • Make your hairstyle pop

When it comes to our hair, most people aren’t willing to make drastic changes simply because change is scary, and it also involves more upkeep. The first option when it comes to making your hairstyle pop is a bit obvious, and that is to take the leap and add color. Usually, we add color to our hair through natural highlights or through neutral dying. However, a different route altogether would be to look into a bold color-centric company, like oVertone, that provides vivid hair color, for a more drastic, vibrant change. Some fun color choices that also have great benefits include purple, which represents spiritual awareness and authenticity, and blue, which omits trust and communication. But, if you’re someone who is not ready yet to take the plunge and go colorful, you can always add a bandana, a fun scrunchie, or start to use colorful hair ties as part of your everyday look instead!

  • Brighten up your wardrobe

d0e90f4f008bc530b0a3872b7a02e3cc--rainbow-wedding-dress-rainbow-dressesThis seems a bit obvious, but it’s actually harder than you think. When you color coordinate your outfits, do the tones make it easy for you to blend in or stand out? If you take a good hard look at the clothing you wear, chances are most of your choices are leaving you lost in the crowd. One easy item to add more color to is your jacket. Instead of going for that typical black jacket, opt for a color like red or orange. The color red represents both boldness and excitement, while orange emulates cheerfulness and confidence. When you put on your coat to go to work each morning, it’s important to feel bold and confident as you walk out the door, so allow yourself to stand out.


  • In general, be yourself

Incorporating more color into your everyday life can be something that is truly beneficial to your overall mood and mindset. However, don’t forget that in every color combination choice you make, it’s important to be yourself. Always remember to practice some self-love by wearing the colors that spark joy for you. Whether you prefer imaginative hues of purple or peaceful and healthy tones of green, make sure the colors you’re adding also add up to what makes you, you.

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