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You Time

The holidays can be hectic. There are events to plan, meals to cook, gifts to buy and wrap. You are staying up later and getting up earlier, just to get everything done, or to get that gift wrapped before anyone sees it.

Don’t forget to take some time for you. Set aside some time each day that is just for you. Self-care is so important this time of year, and it’s easy to forget with the rat race of the holidays. Here are some ways that can help you free up a little mental health time for yourself each day.

Relax and

  • Plan your meals in advance. Sit down each Sunday, and plan out your dinners for the week. This way, you can pretty much go on autopilot all week long when it comes to the evening meal. Plan things that you can start early, or even before you start your day, such as Slowcooker meals or casseroles. These you can assemble in the morning or even the night before, and either cook all day or just pop into the fridge til it’s time to cook. If you need some good slowcooker ideas, you can find some links at the end of this post.
  • Take some extra time with your normal skincare routine. Light a candle, and take a minute to do a light meditation as you wash and moisturize your face in the morning. You would be surprised how much a few breathing exercises and a moment of calm affirmation and a noseful of a lovely scent can set you up for a great day.
  • If you must stay up later or get up earlier, make sure you are getting your best sleep during the time you have. Don’t use mobile phones, or laptops in bed, keep your room dark and keep the television off. These things make it harder to fall asleep and also affect your ability to reach the deeper stages of sleep necessary to refresh and energize your body.
  • Instead of a shower, take a bath. It takes a little longer, but relaxing in a hot bath is a great way to uwind, and process the day. Kick back in the tub for a few extra minutes, with your favorite bath bomb, and a glass of wine. There is no better way to center yourself and recharge.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff. Some things are not going to get done. Most likely, you are the only one who will even notice, so don’t freak out over the little things. No one’s house is perfectly pristine this time of year, no one has EVERYTHING done. Your best is more than good enough.

I hope you are finding ways to keep calm and carry on this holiday season, and that you found some good ideas here! Thanks for reading!

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