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What Does Love Mean to You? [Guest Post by Rachelle Lewis]

Welcome to my final installment of the February Love Series. This month I have been honored to share with you some extraordinary pieces written by some wonderful bloggers. I would like to take this moment to thank them for their contributions, and also to thank you all for reading, and visiting these wonderful writers in their own corners of the internet.

Today writer Rachelle Lewis shares with us what love means to her.

There are so many forms of love and ways in which to love. The word means something slightly different to all of us. These perceptions of what could arguably be called the most impactful emotion that we as humans can feel are shaped by our unique lives. How we are taught about love and the things that we have experienced through the courses of our lives.

What does Love mean to you?

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Love is one of those words that has so many different meanings because there are several variations of it. Even the dictionary has multiple definitions to describe the word. Those definitions also each have a subtext to explain further explain the purpose of love.
Despite love having a universal understanding, the meaning can vary depending on the person, the situation and honestly that moment in time. However, that is the great thing about love. It can provoke many different feelings.

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Although hearing the word love makes me feel warm and fuzzy, it also instantly makes me think of my family, especially my husband and adorable Corgi Milo. However, to my friend it makes her think of her daughter, her aging mother and the father she lost. Now we both are thinking about love, but the feelings the word stirs up are different.

What first means to me is falling in love. The meaning that pops into my mind first is the
romantic love between two people. It is merely my initial perceptions of love. Now that isn’t to say that I don’t think or experience love in other ways.

The love I have for my nieces and nephews is the purest unconditional love I have ever felt in my life. I don’t have kids, but the love I feel for them I can only imagine is darn close to having kids. The upside is I get to have that special kind of bond with them, and I get to give them back to their parents. Win, win!

Speaking of a parent’s unconditional love, I have never felt anything but that from my parents. Therefore, when I think of unconditional love, I automatically think about my mom and dad. All of the crap I have put them through and their love never wavered once. It is love at its finest. Again though, it is not the first kind of love I think of when I hear the word. Perhaps because it is unspoken and is always there.

Don’t even get me started on the love I have for my dog. My husband says I have an obsession with our dog, but I don’t see it that way. I just love him so much. If I could get paid to snuggle all day long with him, it would be my dream come true. That is how I love him, and honestly, at times Milo finds my snuggle love and talking to him annoying, so he probably associates love with annoyance. I am ok with that too.

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Love, it can bring the greatest joy and the greatest sorrow all at the same time. Whatever it means to you, it is important to remember to always choose love. Life is so much better with love in it. The world would be a better place if everyone decided to love not to hate.
Now that you know what love means to me, does it mean to you?

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