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How I Went From Poor to Excellent Credit in 12 Months

Credit can be a scary thing. Reports indicate that around 30% of scorable people in the US have a credit score below 600. This just won't do. Today, we need credit for almost everything. I am not saying that you should live beyond your means, in fact, you must be careful NOT to since it… Continue reading How I Went From Poor to Excellent Credit in 12 Months

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Holiday Traditions

This season is steeped in tradition. There are many ways in which people celebrate the winter holidays. Some are widely practiced, and others, specific to certain groups of people, or even just to individual families. No matter what you believe, or how you celebrate, the winter holiday season is pretty much 'The Big Show' for… Continue reading Holiday Traditions

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An Open Letter to Parents from Santa

As many of you who follow me on Twitter already know, this past Sunday I hosted an annual gathering at my house called 'Supper with Santa'. My dear friend and esteemed helper of the big guy himself finds time each year out of his busy Santa schedule to come and greet the children of my… Continue reading An Open Letter to Parents from Santa

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Give Differently This Year: Charity

There are many ways to donate for the holidays. But did you know that there are some off the beaten track ways to make a difference this year? Here are some neat holiday gift ideas for those hard to shop for people on your list that will put a smile on their faces, and make… Continue reading Give Differently This Year: Charity

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Kids Questioning Santa? 10 Ways to Keep Them Believing

Here's some tips to keep him real a bit longer. Have a fireplace? Don't mind a little cleanup? Take some large men's boots, put them on your feet, and walk from your fireplace to your Christmas tree, stopping to sprinkle flour around your feet with each step to create footprints. Alternatively, there are stencils available… Continue reading Kids Questioning Santa? 10 Ways to Keep Them Believing

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Another Year With Our Hands Bound

Today is the anniversary of the day I joined my life to that of my best friend in the whole world. It marks another year that we have stood by one another, supported and loved each other. A year full of accomplishments, laughs, tears and setbacks. I thought I would take some time and celebrate… Continue reading Another Year With Our Hands Bound