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Diary of a First Time Homebuyer: The Offer

Hello, Lovelies!

As you may already know, we are buying a new house! Our journey started just before Christmas when we were idly looking at properties on Zillow and coming to terms with our goals for the new year and our need for more space.

Two days ago, we looked at a couple of properties, and we were lucky enough to find one with pretty much everything we were looking for and in our budget to boot! You can read about the start of our journey HERE.

diary of a first-time homebuyer

I am happy to announce that we are officially under contract on the new house! Offers and counteroffers are signed, financing is secured, and we have the information we need to hire an inspector and appraiser to come in and tell us what we need to know. As long as that all checks out and any repairs if required are agreed to quickly, it is looking as if we should be closing on February 13th!

Yesterday we sat down with our realtor and went over all the details. We made an offer which included a one-year warranty on the house as well as all closing costs. It was accepted within a couple hours of us putting it in and today we signed off on it, solidified our financing, crunched all the numbers and are officially on our way!!!

There is so much to do now.

The offer is contingent upon inspections and appraisal. Before signing the final paperwork, we will be having the property inspected in four ways. Sewer, General Whole Home, Termite, and Radon. Assuming all these check out nicely, and we do not need to negotiate for repairs, the only other thing is the appraisal.

After the property is appraised, and all the repairs are made and/or inspections passed, we will be good to go for the 13th.

I will be touring the house again today to take photos and measurements so I can start picking paint colors, and area rugs. I am shaking with excitement and I cannot wait to share everything with you all!!!

Please keep checking in for updates to this blog series, and follow us as we purchase our first home! I will be posting about the buying process, as well as the move, and shopping, decorating and DIY and finally, covering my first get together in the new home over the next few months!

I would love to hear your own experiences and/or advice in the comments!

Thanks for reading!



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