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Hello again!

As February progresses, and V-Day is upon us, it is easy to get a little overwhelmed. This is a weird month. It is cold, short and for some, it’s lonely.

It is easy to get demotivated and depressed this time of year, so it is very important to take some time and make a conscious effort to get your engines running.

I would like to share with you how I got myself out of my February funk. All it really takes is a few small changes to make some big waves.

First off, let me begin by giving you a little history. Winter months have been historically hard on me. I wouldn’t say that I have full blown seasonal depression, but I do have a harder time in the January through March stretch and this year is no exception. I come off the holiday high and just kind of lose steam at the beginning of the year. Most years I just ride it out, but this year, I chose to try something different. Can you say game changer?

Here are the simple changes I made this month that really made a difference in my February.

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Get all dressed up if you want somewhere to go.

This may seem like a little thing, but it really set the tone and got me going. I didn’t do anything huge here, I signed myself up for a beauty box subscription and bought myself a few new articles of clothing. Having new clothes to wear and new makeup to play with got me doing a few extra self-care things more often, which in turn got me out and about with my friends and husband more.

Turns out if you get yourself all gussied up, you are more likely to feel like going somewhere!

It improved my overall mindset. One of my girlfriends even noticed these changes and let me know how much it made her happy to see me looking great and getting out of the house more. That was an eye-opener. It showed me just how reclusive I had become.

Food to boost the mood.

When you need a little pick-me-up, it is so easy to retreat into comfort food. Don’t get me wrong, I am a BIG advocate of comfortable food, and while that huge bowl of mac and cheese, or that heavy casserole that your mom used to make for you on cold winter evenings can put you in a warm and fuzzy place initially, that heavy food is doing the opposite for your body as a whole, and in the long run, this is only a temporary solution.

I am not telling you to give up those happy mind foods, but try incorporating some happy body foods in this time of year for a boost that lasts a little longer. Healthy fats, greens, and proteins will give you a healthy energy boost that lasts all day. These small changes can turn into healthy habits that help you all year long! Try having a tasty smoothie in the morning to start your day off on the right page.

Avocado, kale, and/or spinach can be mixed in with your favorite fruits, peanut butter or greek yogurt and almond milk for a delicious, energy packed start, a little green in the morning makes for a brighter day!

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Energy used is energy gained.

If you follow this blog, you already know that I have some struggles with weight. This is not going to change overnight of course, but, I definitely think there is a direct correlation between this and my winter blues.

Last week, I attended a core class at Infinite Fitness in the Kansas City area.

I was nervous to go to this. It had been so long since I worked out, and I was afraid to go in there in my present state. Mental images of my belly hanging out from under my shirt, struggling with the exercises as others looked on taunted me. The appointment was IMG_20190206_190100_445made though, and I made myself go. I took my husband with me for moral support.

Boy, am I glad I went.

The class was challenging, and I really had a hard time with some of the things we were doing, but from the moment I walked in there, I felt at ease. There was an energy in that place that just took all the self-consciousness right out of me. The owner was there and introduced himself with an easy smile, and the trainer had a sunny disposition and a great sense of humor. I like the concept of this gym because there are no membership fees. They focus on personal training and small group focused classes where the individual has all the attention they need. Their prices are reasonable too, and you only pay for the time you want to spend.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to attend another class since I did that core class, with us closing on our house and prepping to move, and getting ready for the painting and prep at the new house, things have just been crazy for me.

The motivation I got from that one class though is still going strong almost a week later, and I have noticed that overall I am more active in my daily life, keeping up with the positive eating changes I have made, I have a better attitude about pretty much everything, and I even invested in a few inexpensive items so I can put some of the moves I learned in that class into practice in my living room.

That hour of my life set in motion a pattern of healthy changes for me, and I cannot wait until I am able to attend another class with the wonderful folks at Infinite Fitness! It is my intention to figure out which of their classes I like best, and alternate the ones I choose to attend with a daily workout regimen that I can do at home.

If you happen to be in the Kansas City area and are looking for a new place to work out, I suggest giving their website a look or paying them a visit. If you aren’t in KC, don’t fret, I am sure there is a place around you that you can call home, just look around a bit and ask your friends, you will find the place that works for you and your lifestyle.


I hope you are finding ways to beat the winter blues and that you found my own journey through the chilly weather slump inspiring!

How do you beat your cold weather slump?

Find ways to make every day YOUR day! You got this! Thanks for reading! *fist bump*

*I was not paid in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed within are my own





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