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On Love [Guest Post by Veronica DSouza]

Hello again! As we move on through February, I would like to share a bit of creative writing by fellow blogger Veronica DSouza, blogger at Cusp of Destiny.

Love takes on many forms. The versions of it are infinite. The possibilities, limitless.

Never forget, especially this time of year, about the forms that love takes beyond the romantic. The season of love should embrace all these equally, for what you may lack in one facet of love, you may have an abundance of in another.

This piece hit quite close to home for me, because of the fatherly love it speaks of. My father is one of the most important people in my life, and his birthday happens to fall on Valentine’s Day. For my whole life, he has been my most important Valentine, even in the years we spent apart, he always comes into my mind first on this day, before anyone else.

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I will leave you now in Veronica’s capable hands. Thanks for reading!

Love makes the world go around.

“What is Love?” She asked him.

He answered,  “An intense feeling of deep affection. The way I feel for you, my child.”

“If what you say is true then why would you want to see me married? To someone whom I don’t know? Some stranger? I have stayed with you for the past 25 years. Why move on with a stranger? Why?”

A Daughter’s dream

I DREAM of fulfilling all your dreams dad. You have done so much for me. I too desire to do the same. I want to see you relaxed, in peace. No worries, no cares. I want you to go for a stroll in the mornings, read your favourite book, watch movies, hear music… do all those little things that you always wanted to but couldn’t do. My list is endless, Dad.

I love you so much. I want to be your daughter, be with you forever, take care of you. Do you really love me, dad? Why do want me to go away?

Dad was quiet… He just smiled and moved his palms over her head.
He admired the twinkle in her eyes. He understood his little daughter has grown up to a responsible, caring adult who is firm about changing the age-old cultures of the Indian society. She was very dynamic, bold, not so beautiful, yet admired by all for her humor and witty mind.


Pain and Comfort

There was something not good with Dad’s health. His medical reports weren’t good. He had been suffering from diabetes and hypertension.

The traumatizing trips to the hospital, the discussions with the medics, the pain in his eyes … all weakened the daughter. She wished some miracle would happen.

She, who was so adamant about staying single, who had outrightly refused to get married, changed now…because she loved him.

Dad, you will be back home soon. Once you are home just put down your papers. Rest. Relax. Your main worry is me. Isn’t it? I will marry dad. The next guy whom you feel is suitable for me, I shall marry. No questions, no arguments with you, Dad.

For now, you have to get out of this. You have to recover. She spared no efforts; no amount of money was held back for his treatment.

She went in for a second and third opinion regarding his treatment. The last days with him were crucial for both dad and daughter.

She felt Love, experienced love. He would rest his head on her shoulder, hold her hands for support. She gave all the love and care that she held in her. These memories stayed forever.

She was devastated when he left her. She loved him very much.

She did marry, moved on in life. But her first love, her Dad, was always with her. He was her guiding star. In times of fear and despair, He would strengthen her. She would talk to him ask for his comfort when in pain. The love, the bond was very intense.

Years passed.

Many a time she missed his physical presence, especially when she would see her husband and daughter together. But she felt a greater joy to recollect those fond memories. For her, he was always there up in the sky … a bright star, twinkling and shining. He had never been away from her. Just that he had shifted his location.


A Fresh Breeze

One day a new tenant moved in the adjacent apartment. The doorbell rang. She opened the door and felt as if a calm breeze touched her soul.

Uncle Ashok (she later knew his name) was happy to understand there was a Christian family as his neighbor. She felt a certain connection with him. He felt the same with her.

He is very loving and caring. After years she felt she could confide in someone like her dad.

At times he would drop in just to ask her well-being. On special days when she remembered and wished her dad’s presence, Uncle Ashok would join in her celebrations. (No invitations needed)

To the people around he would introduce her as his daughter. For him, she was a daughter whom he was destined to meet.

For her, she had a father in 3 forms: The Creator, her Biological father and a (God)Father on earth. The thought itself comforts her soul, gladdens her heart.


Love is very strong…very intense, very powerful. True love always finds its way to REACH ITS DESTINATION. TRUE LOVE GIVES POSITIVE VIBES, GOOD FEELING, IS a connection between two souls, not related by any factors.


Love certainly makes the world go around. You never lose anyone forever. Love them. Remember them. They come back to you in a different form. You are left wonderstruck about HIS CREATION.

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4 thoughts on “On Love [Guest Post by Veronica DSouza]

  1. went through your blog , nicely narrated & explained about love &affections towards our dear one’s , all I can see that your experiences in your life are hlightend there which inspired me to life the life with more passion,love & courage .
    thank-you so much for such nice writing ..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really is a very well written beautiful piece! I was so proud to be able to feature Veronica’s writing for my February series! Thank you so much for your visit and wonderful comment!


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