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Inspiration: National Hot Cocoa Day

December 13. Midway through the month, less than ten days away from the Winter Solstice. I can't think of a better day than this for National Hot Cocoa Day. There is nothing better than a cozy day inside, watching fat snowflakes floating to the earth from a frosty window. Fire burning, lights twinkling on the… Continue reading Inspiration: National Hot Cocoa Day

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Basic Cocktails 101

So far in this blog when I talk cocktails it's usually something I have created myself. I love that I can share these concoctions with you and receive your feedback! Nothing makes me feel better than when I invent something that puts a smile on someone's face. I do realize though, that we all have… Continue reading Basic Cocktails 101

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Cocktail of the Day: The Easy Eden

I have always loved grapefruit so when Ketel One came out with their new Botanicals Vodkas, I was naturally excited for the Grapefruit Rose vodka. I recently bought a bottle, and let me tell you, it's┬ánice. It is every bit as smooth as you would expect a Ketel One vodka to be. I was a… Continue reading Cocktail of the Day: The Easy Eden