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Cocktail of the Day

Maybe you are one of those people that gets a taste of the cooler weather and instantly longs for Spring to roll around again.

Maybe you dread the coming winter. That’s ok. Not everyone loves the cold.

I have the perfect hot tea cocktail for you warm weather lovers to enjoy on these longer, colder nights. Something that tastes like Springtime, and at the same time, will warm you up from the inside out.

Without further ado, I give you, The Parisian Lady.

The Parisian Lady

Ok, so the first thing you will need for this lovely drink may be a little harder to find, but, you should be able to find a tea shop that will blend it for you if you don’t do this sort of thing yourself. I personally found this tea in a local tea shop here in Kansas City, called ‘The Tea Market’. It is a spring seasonal tea called ‘April in Paris’ and it is delightful.

What you will want to blend, or ask your local tea shop to blend for you, is a Black Tea with vanilla bean, bergamot, and rose buds (like in the image above).

Now that we have the tea specs out of the way, the other things you will need are: 1/2oz of Gin (I like Hendrick’s Gin. It’s botanicals include roses, so it compliments this tea nicely), 1 tsp of sweet vermouth, 1 Tbsp of manuka honey, and orange bar bitters.

Brew yourself a nice strong, cup of the tea. (when adding alcohol to hot teas, I like to use a coffee mug instead of a tea cup, and I add a little more to my bag, and steep a little longer than I would if I were just having tea without the booze)

Add your gin, vermouth, and honey, and stir well. Finish with a few drops of the orange bitters, garnish with an orange peel or a rose petal, now, enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling and Springtime essence of this little cup of loveliness, and let it chase away your colder season blues!

Cocktail of the day





2 thoughts on “Cocktail of the Day

  1. This cocktail sounds delightful! I have actually never tried a tea with alcohol.. I feel like I don’t try enough cocktails, I’m so boring and just stick to wine, cider or beer! And if I do go out for cocktails I just get the usual ones but this has inspired me to be more daring and try something new 🙂

    Chloe x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay!!! I love the adventure of a new cocktail. I keep a full bar in the house and I’m always experimenting with new things. I fail A LOT. But sometimes I hit a home run! This one was so interesting. My husband said it was too perfume-y… but, he’s a guy, what does he know. When you make this, make sure to be careful with your gin, it’s easy for gin to overpower something especially when you are talking hot beverages. Honey is your friend with this drink!


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