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Be Your Own Sun [Guest Post by Aleah Platt]

Hello everyone and welcome back to my February Blog series. This month, I am featuring several guest writers and letting them share with us what loves means to them. Today’s guest blogger is Aleah Platt.

February is here!!! Thatʼs right!
The month with love swirling in
the sky has made a return!

Every year when Valentines Day is
approaching we see the happiest
couples, readying up to share
their love with the world.
We also see the lone wolves,
the heartbroken souls, and those
stuck in not so lovely situations.
For many, Valentines Day marks
romantic surprises, unforgettable
memories and how could we
forget about the great sales on

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But for many others, it is a reminder of longing.

Longing to feel completed, longing to find
the sun to your moon.
Itʼs human nature. We want love,
we look for love, inevitably we
need love! So we search for it, we
chase after it, we stay in loveless
relationships in hopes that a flower of
intimacy will bloom eventually.
Too often many are willing to forget themselves, in order to
love someone else as deeply as
they wish someone would love

I knew a girl once. Obsessed with
the idea of finding her other half.
She clung to a mental picture of
how love was supposed to look
and feel like.

She met a young boy
and very soon he became her

She rose every morning with
the thought of filling him with
love. The girl poured and poured
love into the boy. The boy
became the sun to her world, and
soon after the boy was full of

He went on to pour the love
taken from the girl into another
heart. The girl was left empty,
and worst of all she was left in
the dark.

Sometimes in search of
something as precious as the
deep affection we call love, we
can lose ourselves without

We get impatient, we
get anxious, and we start looking for anything to fill us… anyone to be our sun.
Remembering this experience the
the girl went on, illuminating her own

The rays of sunshine began
to shine so bright from her she
soon attracted another guy. This
time the timing and guy
were right for her.

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The girl was me.
I learned a good lesson. The boy
was never my sun, I had
always been my own light.

I say this to say when Valentines
Day arrives, even if youʼre
without a romantic partner, youʼll
be alright. Take yourself out,
appreciate yourself, celebrate
yourself! Light up your own world!
Let this be a month geared
tow.rds loving yourself! Who said
Valentineʼs Day has to only be
about relationships anyway?!

p.s: Youʼre beautiful and you deserve a love deeper than the ocean could ever be. Your time for love will come.

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You can find Aleah on her Blog, Spreading Sunflowers or on Twitter!

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