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Kids Questioning Santa? 10 Ways to Keep Them Believing

Here’s some tips to keep him real a bit longer.

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  1. Have a fireplace? Don’t mind a little cleanup? Take some large men’s boots, put them on your feet, and walk from your fireplace to your Christmas tree, stopping to sprinkle flour around your feet with each step to create footprints. Alternatively, there are stencils available on the market or downloadable on the web, and even kits you can buy to create Santa’s snowy footprints for your kids to find in the morning.
  2. Look for calling Santa apps for your phone, there are many available for Android and iPhone. They all do different things, in some Santa will call and talk to your kids, and you can even request a naughty message in which Santa will warn your kids that he knows they have been up to no good. In others, you will get Santa Videos for your kids to watch directly from the man himself. There are pay and free options, just look around and pick the best one for you and your kids.
  3. Leave a thank you note from the Jolly Old Elf next to the empty cookie plate for your little ones to find in the morning. Make sure it is on stationary that they won’t find around the house later, and be sure that Santa’s handwriting is different from your own.
  4. Leave half eaten carrots outside your home to be found by your kids. Must have been the reindeer right? Had to be.
  5. Another one that will require some cleanup: Sprinkle glitter on the front porch and inside around the tree. Tell the kids that it must be Santa’s magic dust!
  6. Have a friend with a Santa suit? Have them drop by on Christmas morning with a gift that fell out of the sleigh back at the North Pole. Of course he was in a hurry and had to make his rounds before going back for it, but your child is so important to Santa, he made a special trip back to deliver it. (My parents got me with this when I was young. Worked like a charm.)
  7. Be enthusiastic about Santa. If you believe, chances are, so will they!
  8. Make sure Santa’s wrapping paper differs from yours.
  9. Look up the Santa trackers online and watch his progress with your kids
  10. Have Santa give a gift your kids think you would never let them have.

I hope you find ways to keep the magic alive this year for your little ones!

Happy Holidays!

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6 thoughts on “Kids Questioning Santa? 10 Ways to Keep Them Believing

  1. Love these ideas – except the glitter one, haha, but I am anti-glitter. I’m lucky that my son still believes in Santa, but if he ever begins to question him, then perhaps I can use these to convince him he is real for a while longer.

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