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My First Valentine Love Letter [Guest Post by Precious Udoh]

Hello, Lovelies! February is shaping up to be a very busy month for me with the closing of the house the day before Valentine’s Day and the subsequent move.

In the spirit of the month of love, and in celebration of my own love story which you can read about HERE, I didn’t want to leave you all hanging so I’m featuring a number of guest bloggers this month, each of them writing about LOVE. You can see the rest of the series HERE.

My my next guest blogger is Precious Udoh. Her blog is called Upwrites, and she has written a beautiful post for us about Love. I hope you enjoy!

Much Love,



My First Valentine’s Love Letter.

This topic on love shook me to the bone when it popped up in my head. I have had several feelings while creating posts as a blogger but this kind of feeling resurrects memories of the past. Valentine’s days have come and gone, here is another season of love but it is very unfortunate that people forget about love until celebrations or festivities warrants them to love. My heart is totally shattered in two. Nonetheless, I’m not losing hope on love.

What do you do when your friend turns out to be a devil overnight

Little things matter, this is a season to repair broken relationships and mend the family bond. Rather than considering granting gifts from a shallow heart, let it come from a deep-rooted love. There might have been a misunderstanding in time past, maturity demands that you overlook them and move on! You’re not the first to experience such, after all. Some friends, after a misunderstanding occurs, they take it to social media to publicize hatred and disregard for the human race; let this stop this time around. This post is somewhat a charge that can enable us to enjoy better love moments with our spouses, friends, and families.

Anger is not a choice at all, be slow to anger. After a few minutes of anger, you’ll find out the way you’ll address a particular situation would be different from the way you’d have addressed it when your anger was red hot; while could utterly lead to depression.

“To err is human. To forgive can be human too.”

It is so beautiful that we celebrate love in the second month of the year; when the year is still as fresh as fresh. It is a new year, and it will be so thoughtful and remarkable of us to let the past be past. Once your spouse is ready to amend his/her ways, let love win. Love overwrites anger and gives place to forgiveness

Giftings and Special Giftings

It is easy to find anything anywhere to gift our neighbors, friends, classmates, colleagues or even our enemies (to make them understand it is a new era of peace and love), but let such gifts come with a smile and a peaceful gesture of love; say a soft kiss, hug, handshake or what a view! Let Valentine’s Day not just be dominated with fake love in order to get short term pleasures but let it visit the soul in terms of love, peace, and long-lasting happiness because it is hard to find.


What’s the major aim of Valentine?

This season is aimed at the intimacy of families and friends. These two F’s happens to be celebrated in a special month starting with ‘F’. Mind you, there are some tips I would help you with that describes the month February and how it would be helpful to our love lives. They are:

F – Focus: this connotes determination to set things right in love

E – Evenness: this promotes equality and peace in the family and in a relationship

B – Basking: Love has its pleasures. This month, bask in love and its pleasures

R – Royalty: Treat everyone like a highly ranked person. Let your spouse feel on top of the world.

U – Union: Don’t take any step without first concluding with your spouse or people that matter

A – Abhor: this is another term for protest. Dislike anything that wants to tear the family apart

R – Rain: Rain love on your friends and everyone. Raindrops soothe the soil and dust disappears. So it is when the rain of love is showered on people.

Y – Yearn: Yearn to be together more. This promotes happiness when you are together. It makes us feel undetachable.

These are very helpful tips that I feel should also be included in our lifestyle to avoid gruesome attacks, quarrels, betrayal and any form of crisis. Let love lead, let love win.

Thanks for reading! Much love x

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