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Guide to True Love No Matter the Season [Guest Post by Abbey]

Hello There! Welcome to my February LOVE series! I have asked some other bloggers to help me out this month and tell me what love means to them! I have a treat for you today! Abbey writes a no-nonsense piece about how to guarantee yourself the best that love has to offer. You can find more by Abbey on her blog, all about Life and Relationships!

Hey guys, we’re at that time of the month again, the month fills with everything love and lovely. It’s finally February, and I’m sure many of us are counting down the date to Valentine’s day. Most people can’t wait to be showered with love by their special someone, others can’t wait to go on exciting adventures with their loved one while a few of us (yeah, including me😂) will probably be home alone, watching movies and looking through our phone wondering what the hell the hype for valentine is all about!


During the past year I realized something I would love to share with any and everyone who comes across this; now Valentine’s day has been known as the day to show overwhelming love to whoever  is your special someone, but I m of the opinion that this day has been over exaggerated and has lost its meaning to our generation. It has become a time for gifts, sex and social network show of love. Now that might not be a bad thing but then I believe, we shouldn’t limit ourselves to one day of the year to make anybody in our life feel special. We shouldn’t limit our show of love and affection to just 24hours in a day and then boom we’re back to our normal ever busy lives.

Have y’all noticed that this is the time most people get depressed, hurt and broken? We’ve got those who get depressed over their not having a significant other to shower them with the kind of love and affection they we around, and we’ve those who get angry because their significant other didn’t show them the amount of love and affection or take them to the places they felt they should have been taken to on that special day, while others get their  heart broken at this time of the month or have to look back at a reminder of a painful experience they had at this time.

Valentine wasn’t meant to be a time for just spouse, couples or partners to show love to each other but also a time for us to it down and give the our individual selves some love, a time for us to look at what we’ve achieved so far in terms of our new year resolutions, career goals, mental health and just life in general.

Love shouldn’t be defined by having a significant other. The greatest love you can ever show is the one you give yourself. And for those in a relationship or marriage, don’t wait till February 14th to take him/her on that trip, don’t wait to give her that special gift, don’t wait to compliment him/her or tell your partner what they mean to you.

Come on, stop crying and brooding over the love you lost last year or this year, rather think of the love you’re presently receiving from those around you and those you’re yet to receive. Stop waiting for a man or a woman to make Feb 14th a good day, go out take yourself on a date have fun, have a good time and hype yourself up. Take your girlfriends out for a movie or take your guys to watch a match. Stop needing a relationship to validate yourself, be you and be happy with that. Your lover or partner is an addition to an already perfect you.


Nope – don’t wait for any ceremonious day to show your love, show your partner all the care, love, and devotion every single moment you spend together. Shower them with gifts and sweet messages at any time and every time. Your partner shouldn’t be able to differentiate between the love you show on a normal at and that of Valentine maybe except for the extra gifts and pecks on the cheeks. Don’t limit your affection to 24hours in a day. It is too small when you have weeks, days and months of affection to give. After 24hours is up, wnt then happens? Life goes on, the fights continue? The break in communication continues? The distance grows wider?

Love yourself, love others and love always. Every day is a good day to show love.❤

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5 thoughts on “Guide to True Love No Matter the Season [Guest Post by Abbey]

  1. What a great piece of writting (and a great series idea). Totally agree with what’s being said. I’ve been with my husband 10 years now (married 6 months) and I don’t see valentines as a big day anyway as we show love each day. It’s definitely important! X

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