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Hello beautiful!

I have taken a break from writing for the last weekend while I had a friend visiting. Jeremy and I were schoolmates in Middle School and the first year of High School. We met in class one day and there was an instant connection. We remained close until I ran away a few years later.

You would think our friendship would have ended there, but alas, it did not.

One day, our paths crossed on the internet.

It was odd, it was like we had never been apart. I learned that he had come out during our time apart and that he had moved around the country a little, but he was the same ol’ Jeremy I remembered.

We fell easily into our old friendship. He still gets AC/DC’s ‘Big Balls” stuck in my head with only a word. We talk easily about the things in our lives, offering insight and advice as if we were never apart. He remembers the climate of our lives when I ran away and the aftermath, and he understands the reasons. He is one of the only people from that time in my life that doesn’t hold some sort of resentment towards me for the decisions that I made.

It is odd having him around because so much reminds me of our teenage years yet we have both changed so much and I love that we fall so easily back into what we were despite what we have become.

I think friendships like this are rare. I treasure this.

Never forget those who really know you. Those are the people that will see you through it all.

4 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Its wonderful that you have such a great friend in Jeremy. I have a friend, Steph who I have known for 26 years and she is still the only person who really gets me.

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