Why Fresh Basil is a Must Have for any Home Bar

Basil. Pretty. Green. Fragrant. Fresh tasting. Beautiful Basil. You totally use it all the time to cook. You should be using it in your cocktails too. Here are three things that you can instantly make 100% tastier with a couple leaves of fresh basil and a muddler. No reason to stop there though. This herb goes with pretty much everything.

  • The Screwdriver. Yup. You know the one. Vodka, O.J., done. If you add a leaf or two to your glass and muddle it before you make your cocktail, it’s a whole different ballgame. The Basil and the O.J. really compliment each other and add a bit of complexity and class to an otherwise everyday cocktail.
  • The Bloody Mary. Basil really adds a great touch to a classic Bloody. As has been proven by Italians, Tomato + Basil = NO BRAINER. Muddle it or even just infuse your vodka beforehand. Rosemary works in this drink as well! dfhfdhf
  • Anything with Gin. Gin is already a botanical spirit, so adding more herbs is never a bad thing. A great twist on the classic G & T is to muddle a bit of lime and basil in your glass, add ice, and a good quality smooth gin, and skip the quinine, opting instead for a splash of soda water.

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What are your favorite things to do with fresh herbs? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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