Freehand Knit Scarf

A little project for a little angel. I made this scarf for my neighbor’s toddler. You can increase the amount of stitches you cast on if you want a bigger scarf for your older child or even for yourself!

“Knit fast, die warm.”


Super easy little knit with a fun shape. Switching between two different yarn textures and needle sizes 8 and 6.5, this wavy edge is created without increases or decreases. In an easy garter stitch, you could knit this with your eyes closed.

You could totally have fun with different colors/textures/weights with this design, the sky’s the limit! Just make sure that you test gauge, and use the correct needle sizes to accommodate your yarn choices. You may have to adjust the number of stitches you cast on and rows you knit as well.

For the project as pictured, I used Ice Yarns ‘Eyelash Wool’ in Cream #47723, and Ice Yarns ‘Snow Mohair’ in Red/White. Bamboo knitting needles in sizes 8 and 6.5.


With BOTH yarns in hand, cast on 10 stitches with size 8 needles.

Work in garter stitch for 5 rows.*

Drop the eyelash strand (clip the strand leaving a couple inches of excess yarn, these will be woven in when you finish), and switch to the 6.5 needles by knitting your next row onto the smaller needle, using only the Mohair strand. Continue in garter stitch for another 5 rows.*

Pick up the eyelash yarn again, and using both strands, switch back to the size 8 needles by knitting onto the larger needle, then continuing your garter stitch with that size.

Rinse Repeat.

Keep knitting in this pattern until the scarf is at your desired length, remembering to finish on the size 8 needles, with both strands in hand. Cast off, and weave in all loose ends.

NOTE: For adult scarves, you may want to cast on extra stitches for wider rows. Work out your gauge before you start. Everyone’s tension is different, so it’s best to know whats going to happen size-wise before you begin your cast off.

*You can knit thicker rows if you like. For larger scarves you may want to increase the number of rows per stripe. Make it yours!



2 thoughts on “Freehand Knit Scarf

  1. Looking to try knitting again so thanks for being the inspiration. Gonna go down to Ipkins to get some wool soon x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Always happy to inspire someone! I have always found knitting to be calming. I tend to like simple projects, so I can drift off into my head while I work! Hope you share what you make when you get going! Thanks for reading!


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